Across North America, luxury homeowners and residential property owners, as well as what most would call typical homes next door, use heat trace and freeze protection to winterize residences in a variety of convenience and safety applications.

Gutter ice dams are a common issue among residential customers. Snow and ice melt water refreezes creating the ice dam. The ice dam prevents future snow melt from draining properly, away from the structure.  The ice dam grows and eventually leads to standing water that can back up into a structure’s interior. The result is mildew and mold. Structural compromise and electrical system damage are possibilities when the issues go unaddressed. Heat trace freeze protection is an efficient solution.

Residential roof and gutter heat trace and freeze protection systems and solutions deice roofs efficiently and sustainably, preventing costly rooftop damage. Self-regulating, A/C Thermal Protection designed systems use progressively less power as the roof and gutters are heated.

Residential solutions include:

  • Gutter deicing
  • Heated and temperature-controlled driveways
  • Heated and temperature-controlled private runways and airstrips
  • Heating for fuel oil storage tanks
  • Pipe freeze protection
  • Ramps, walkways, steps and access areas
  • Roof deicing
  • Snow/ice prevention for pavement, ramps, walkways, steps and access areas
  • Under floor heating